Cultural Resources on Crow's Nest

The Crow's Nest peninsula is home to a wealth of cultural and historical resources, as an October 2005 "Phase I" archaeological study documented. This survey of only 450 acres of the 3,230 acres development site on Crow's Nest identified 47 new archaeological sites, 14 of which meet the criteria for listing on the National Registrar of Historic Places.

You can view the results of the survey below. The report has been broken down into smaller files, and may take awhile to load. In order to protect the sites, identifying maps have not been included.

Part 1, Introduction, Table of Contents, Environmental Context, Research Design (2 MB)

Part 2, Cultural Context (4.81 MB--a fascinating history of the peninsula!)

Part 3, Survey Results-A (4.4 MB)

Part 4, Survey Results-B (5.8 MB)

Part 5, Survey Results-C (4.2MB)

Part 6, Conclusions and Recommendations (800 KB)

Part 7, References (400 KB)

Part 8, Artifact Inventory (1.9MB)

Part 9, VDHR DSS Site Forms-A (2MB)

Part 10, VDHR DSS Site Forms-B (2.2MB)

Part 11, VDHR DSS Site Forms-C (2.1MB)

Part 12, VDHR DSS SIte Forms-D (2.3MB)